Day 166: Recovery Mode

My second day of recovery mode. I have to say: yesterday was pretty great, and I’m looking forward to another day today of taking it easy on myself before jumping back into the goals and drive of the usual.

Just so’s we’re clear: this is not a sobriety break. Nor a break from broad good sense. Still vegetarian. It’s an exercise and strict diet break. And this isn’t a great thing, but it’s a coping thing, and I’m okay with a coping thing right now.

Normally I’d be fretting more about surrounding circumstances, but there’s a lot of one-offs that led up to this. And I think I have learned lessons about overcommitment and capacity. And listening to that inner voice that says “too much, dumbass.”

So today’s my second/final “break day” for exercise and food. Oh, and sleep! Ducking in and out of the podcast today because it’s been late nights, so late mornings. Commitment to this project overall is unwavering, but commitment to not flaming out screaming is even higher.