Day 169: Meditation for non-meditators

One thing that I keep meaning to try is meditation. My wife just finished a book called “making the mind your ally” or something. Her takeaway was “Meditation sounds like an amazing tool. And I wish people who do it all the best.”

Which is kind of my take on it too. I’ve tried it at various points in my life. It doesn’t take.

This, however, seems like it might actually have some traction. 

It’s cute, anyway.

I’m not sure if there’s a kind of person who is predisposed to meditation, or if it’s a skill one learns, but it is absolutely not in my DNA. It takes a certain amount of space in one’s life, first of all. Time, etc.

And… I don’t know. The meditation people I know are invariably the people I’d expect to be meditation people. I’ve never been surprised by a meditator. I mean, surprised by the fact that they meditate. Well, both senses. Nobody has ever startled me through meditation, either. Which means something.

Either meditation people were always meditation people, or meditation turns people into meditation people.

Neither of these things are super palatable to me. I’ve never been a meditation person, so the former is right out. The latter… I like meditation people just fine, but I have no desire to have that whole… deal… going on with my personality.

So I’m back on track, gingerly, after a half-week of self-care. But I’m not taking on anything new. Certainly not tackling meditation just yet. Maybe I’ll read up on it again. Maybe reading about meditation is how I meditate. Whoa.