Day 170: Putting Sleep First

A late night last night — my wife is taking a course that took her out of town for the full day. And back late. I waited up, obviously, and so got to bed quite late, and am just now getting up. I decided to try putting sleep first.

There’s tension between less sleep and exercise, and more sleep. I’ve usually come down on in favour of exercise. Today, I prioritized sleep.

So of course the mental refrain is endless. Am I being lazy? Is this lazy? Am I looking for excuses to not exercise? Is this putting sleep first? Or putting exercise last?

Putting sleep first for a while to see what happens.

I’m not sure, to be honest. But I’ve certainly tried putting sleep last, many times, and I’m curious to see what happens if I start trying to make seven hours of sleep a night a must, as opposed to an option.

Generally speaking, seven hours a night should be fine. It’s really only exceptional circumstances that drive getting up late.

Being well rested is good; being OVER rested makes me muzzy and cranky. So this really is a “seven to eight hours a night” thing. Not a “sleep as much as possible” thing.

Oh! And I’ve got a few days’ vacation starting tomorrow, so that’ll be good too.