Day 171: Staycation Construction II

Staycation, part two! This is the one I forgot about. I wound up working Monday and Tuesday this week, just to keep a few projects on track.

But it’s staycation tiiiiiiiiiiiime! It’s a pretty simple breakdown. Today and probably tomorrow, I’m building an island for our kitchen. Tomorrow, yard work. Friday, a day trip out to Prince Edward County so my wife can do some interviews for her podcast and writing projects.

Sleep continues to be a goal, so I got a good sleep in today before going for a light run.

So I’m gonna mix it up a bit! This morning will be construction, this afternoon goofing off a bit plus construction. I think if I plan the construction well, I can bang out all the rough cuts, and this time I’ll be sanding and staining pre-assembly because I wasn’t entirely happy with the results of staining the day bed in the house — largely a smell thing.

It’s just three days off, but I’m pretty excited about these three days off. It’s going to be a good balance of fun and projects.

I’m treating myself to a free trial of Stitcher Premium, so I can comedy podcast my face off while doing all these projects, too.

Also — thanks to Adam for recommending a meditation app that he says worked for him, an avowed non-meditator. I promise I’ll give it a shot.