Day 177: ‘Arf Marathon

Another up-in-the-night incident last night, which is why I’m running late today. Up in the night, slept late, ran late, writing/podcasting in a rush. No fun!

But I made the most of the insomnia: I now have the Canadian Red Cross app installed on my phone, and an appointment to give blood on July 17. Fun quiz: what percentage of times I’ve seen my blood drawn and passed out? Hint: it’s the highest percentage there is.

I also installed a half-marathon training app on my phone. By a shoe brand. Not my shoe brand, so I feel a bit guilty, but it’s free and seems to be pretty good. MyAsics, if you’re wondering. It’s starting me off nice and slow, which is a good post-Staycation way to ease into this.

I’ve done half-marathon training before, but in the days when all I had was a flip phone. So it was a lot of paper schedules, and trying to figure out routes with a map and rough figgerin’. I’m looking forward to seeing what this app can do for me.

And hey, I’m going to give blood! And probably pass out! That’s something.