Day 179: July 1 Reboot

All right — it’s been busy. I’m getting over the conference organizing thing (a little PTSD there, maybe). Still pretty busy with the building stuff around the house, the second radio show/podcast, and volunteer stuff. So it’s a July 1 reboot for the whole enchilada, as far as exercise/diet goes. I’ve been coasting for two weeks.

Last time I played the grim determination card, I did a 180 literally 24 hours later and just took a break. But I think these circumstances are different. Two weeks ago, I was in the throes of Peak Busy at work, and now that’s stabilizing. I’m working on something right now independent of work, but that’s a steady task.

So I think I’m ready to levelly set this up. I’m in a pretty good space.

Over time — almost 180 days! — I’m finding that this is largely a story of getting going, getting sidetracked, and getting back on track. I should chart this, or something.