Day 180: Challenge-Based Approaches

180 days! It’s been a great run so far for sobriety. Which I’m thankful for. Still no stellar progress on weight loss, and fitness has been okay, but broadly speaking a bit of a wash: I’ve been staying in shape, but not improving, I don’t think. Time for challenge-based approaches.

So obviously sobriety will continue. It’s in the win column. But I’m going to try something different for July in terms of diet and exercise.

I’ve got my daily weight sheet, and I’m not on target there. That’s okay.

The plan, roughly speaking, is to change how I’m counting. I’ve been counting up all this time. This is good. It’s motivating. I can see progress, and that’s nice.

But it doesn’t give me a goal or an end to pace myself to. The thing about a 5k run, is I can really give it a different energy than a 10 or a 12k run. Very different energy than “let’s go for an open-ended jog.” And I think, while I keep counting up and that’s working okay, maybe I need to start counting down.

Among my failed hobbies was, at one point, an interest in playing Go. It turns out I suck at Go. I mean, I’m bad at it. Real bad. It’s a legitimate mental block.

But I still have my Go stones. So I’m going to take ten of those, and two small bowls, and give myself challenge-based approaches for those 10 days:

  • Daily weight
  • Daily exercise
  • Morning food planning
  • Evening checklist, with budget

And then I just need to stick to that for 10 days. It’s the whole 5k-run mentality. It’s easy to get to the halfway point, and then it’s easy to motivate yourself to give it your all to the finish. 2k to go. 1k to go. Just 250 metres left.

What’s the reward at the end? Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to figure that out. Ideally something that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hm.