Day 181: 10-Day Challenge Part One — Starting Stupid

Doing this at 4 a.m. is new, but I’ve been up most of the night with indigestion. So I figured I’d knock this out now, maybe go back to bed after, since I can’t sleep anyway. Let’s start the 10-day challenge in the worst way possible!

My wife and I went a bit food-crazy last night, and ordered some pizza; the pizza cameĀ wrong. What was supposed to be a meatless pizza, for me, showed up as a straight Hawaiian. We didn’t realize until I was halfway through a slice.

So I can’t start this challenge with half a pizza in the fridge, right?

Therefore, I ate a LOT of pizza.

Which is kind of how my dumb brain works. One last plunge into the abyss before the work begins.

‘Tany rate, it has been a really rough night for sleep, and I’m still intent on taking on this “do all the things” challenge over the next 10 days. Pretty psyched, actually.

The 10-day challenge is off to a bad start, frankly.

But that is kind of galvanizing in its own right.

So my middle of the night determination was to fast today; reset that clock. But it’s also Canada Day, and my wife wants to do a barbecue thing tonight. So it’s fruit and salad all day, and a modest vegan sausage and beans thing for dinner. Again, I want to reboot a bit, and then get back to a good diet and exercise for the rest of the nine days.

It’s also a rest day for running, so I’ll just get a “brisk walk-jog” in before the show, and that’s it for exercise.

So if I had to pick a day for gluttony induced insomnia, this isn’t a bad one.

It’s still insomnia, though, and it’s going to be a rough day that I need to brace myself for, moodwise.

So here’s to Day One! Let’s get this one under the belt, and then on to the next nine.