Day 182: 10-Day Challenge — Part Two

Day one went well! I’m opening some other tabs right now to get on top of the first issue on my checklist – finance. It’s been a rough month, financially, mainly due to municipal taxes coming due.

It helps with determination to get the side hustle going, though.

Sticking with the challenge, though: Day Two is aligning well. Daily weigh is done, exercise is done, and I’m about to log food and get the finances in order.

Pre-logging food is the hardest thing of all, I think. It’s hard not to deviate, especially on holidays and weekends when I’m at home. There are just so many snacking opportunities! So I’m trying to pre-log snacks; figure out what kind of snacking urges might strike, and make small windows for them.

Slow and steady exercise is today’s order, according to the half-marathon training. I’m looking up whether or not I can do other exercise on rest days — signs point to yes — and I think maintaining 30-minute medium-effort rows on non-running days is a good idea.

So this is generally a check-in day; things are going well, I’m looking forward to Day Two of this 10-day immersion back into good habits. I’ve also updated the ol’ checklist, if anyone wants to see that:

check-out checklist
Now with money and banjos!


I feel like this whole 10-day thing is part of a cycle of “try this until it sticks.” There’s got to be a balance between the whole ‘quitting smoking’ approach, where you just keep trying if you don’t succeed the first time, and recognizing when something absolutely doesn’t work for you.

No part of this feels like it can’t work for me. I think it’s just a matter of trying again. At least, that’s the phase I’m in right now. Keep getting up and taking another run at it until it gels.