Day 183: 10-Day Challenge – Day Three

Day Two went well, once again; the biggest challenge remains pre-logging food. It’s hard when you have a partner, and on weekends or non-working days.

Workdays are pretty simple; I can control my day, and my food intake, pretty much from waking up to dinner. But when you’re out and about with somebody, plans can change pretty quickly. Lunch gets pushed back, they want something different for dinner than what you had in mind, etc.

So keeping on track takes an extra helping of willpower and forbearance on not-work-days. I can do it, it’s just harder.

Still pretty excited about the half-marathon training, but I’m starting to move from “easy ramp up” to “longer, more difficult runs” in the next week or so. Eventually I’ll be doing long mileage on weekday mornings, which will be an interesting bridge to cross in terms of getting to work on time. I’ll also be crossing some interesting bridges, come to think of it.

Minor food quibbles aside, I’m not feeling a lot of pressure from this challenge, largely because it’s “do what I should,” not a great personal sacrifice or anything. So I’m happy to keep my nose down. One good aspect of it, is that it’s keeping me from having my usual holiday weekend food troubles.

I’m also back on track with my daily weight, but I suspect that might be dehydration from a big day out yesterday and not much water.

One thing I’m finding is that I might need to get back into personal to-do lists. Work is going well, with a stable, static to-do list I keep on my desktop there. I’ve never managed to make personal to-do lists work. I don’t know why. I feel like my life sort of stays on track; but with a chunk o’ stuff going on right now, it might be time to re-investigate that.

I had something pretty good working for a while, with Sublime Text 3, PlainTasks, and Sublime FTP. I was keeping a task file synched on my webhost and bouncing back and forth from home to the office. Then the sync stopped working, and it all became kind of a pain. I might try that approach again, but with Dropbox as the common point.