Day 184: 10-Day Challenge Day Four – To-Do Lists

The challenge is on! Yesterday’s food tracking and finance tracking was hard. I actually just looped back to adjust yesterday’s food entries, which I should not be doing. Today is back to work, though, so a much more controlled food experience.

Yesterday I started to open up the idea of re-starting my to-do list again. A personal one. I haven’t really had one for years. And I’m not sure if they’re helpful, ultimately.

I’ve been a sporadic to-do-lister in my life. I’ve tried pen and paper, various computer schemes, a variety of apps. In the end, I always wind up falling off.

I think, ultimately, and given everything on my plate, I’ve got an aversion to to-do lists for two reasons.

  • They’re terrifying
  • My brain is a natural triage machine

To-do lists scare me.

They do. Because things pile up so fast and so hard that I start to feel claustrophobic and panicked. And then there’s the freaking out, and waaaugh. Because I know I take on too much; that’s a given. But seeing it doesn’t help me get things done, necessarily. It just keeps me in a state of anxiety.

My brain is a triage machine.

The other thing about not having a to-do list is that it lets me organize myself naturally. As long as I’m not dropping any major balls, and nobody’s shouting at me, I’m probably all good. Other than owing people songs from months ago, which weighs on me daily, I feel pretty good about my commitments these days.

So maybe I’ve talked myself out of to-do lists again. I don’t know.

I think a project-based approach might be better… something like a GANTT chart to keep track of things like major volunteer duties and my side hustles.

So I might dip my toes into project management tools for some of my larger personal projects, but leave the day-to-day to-do lists for my brain to sort out.

To be continued…