Day 185: 10-Day Challenge Part 5 – We’re Going To Need A Bigger Challenge

All right, so I’m halfway into my “get back on track” 10-day challenge, and it’s not all THAT challenging. I’m starting to feel a bit distracted. I think “doing what I should be doing in the first place” isn’t good enough. I need a bigger challenge.

My wife suggests 10 days without any sugar, which seems like a good haul. Maybe that’ll be the next re-up of 10 days.

It’s not that I’m not proud of getting back on track. I am. My weight has taken a weird sharp turn up in the last couple days — I suspect because I’m drinking more water — and I’m not feeling, well, like I’m accomplishing much with this challenge.

This is the eternal problem that I wrestle with: try hard, and get overwhelmed and burn out. Try too little, and feel like I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe you never get it right. Maybe life is a constant flux between “working too hard” and “working too easy.” Is the bigger challenge just finding a level of work to settle at?

A bigger challenge: finding a personal productivity system

I made a couple of lame swings at process planning last night — mainly refreshing my memory of Gantt charts. But the projects I’m working on are solo, so there’s not much point to it. It’s a system to track dependencies. When I’m the sole dependency, it’s not very useful.

So I might look at other project systems today, but now I’m wondering if my to-do list future is more of a calendar problem than a list/chart problem. Maybe I just need to lock key dates into a calendar, set deadlines for myself, and crunch that way.

I’ve got a kayak lesson tonight, which I’m excited about. I’ve always been a canoeist. But again, this feels like — too many hobbies? Hm.