Day 188: Hot Hot Sleep

It’s hot. More accurately, it’s humid. We’re trying not to run the AC, because it’s expensive, and we’re not flush with cash. Also, the environment. But since we have an attic bedroom, this means hot hot sleep. It is no bueno.┬áThat, for those who don’t know, is the opposite of muy bueno.

So despite doing my best to do good pre-sleep things, last night was a very poor sleep night. Restless in general, up specifically twice for spans of time.

So it’s a rocky start this morning. Day 2 of my “Do All The Things And Three Litres Of Water A Day” challenge. Which needs a better name.

Day 1 went well. Drinking that much water is weird. There was a lot of shuttling back and forth to the bathroom.

Day 2 will be interesting, as I’ve hit the weekend, and, well, I don’t do well with regimes on the weekend. It’s not like I’m shackled to my desk and looking at a pitcher of water. So we’ll see how I make this work.

Hot hot sleep and cool, cool water

A while back, because it was on a crazy sale, I bought my wife a kind of novelty thing: it’s a pillow with a special zippered compartment. It comes with a specially shaped hot water bottle. So you set it all up and it’s a warm water pillow.

Now I’m wondering if I could put cold icy water in the pillow and have a supercooled pillow at night. That would be great, except it’s my wife’s pillow and I don’t think my genius would wind up benefiting me at all.

The solution is going to be moving to the guest room, turning on the AC, and sucking it up costwise on the really bad nights, I think. Because money’s important, but sleep and lifestyle are also pretty important.