Day 191: Morning Distractions

Checking in first, quickly, on the water drinking thing. It’s going well! Much harder when I’m at home than at work, but I’m powering through.  I’m getting bad about morning distractions, though.

I got back from a run at 6:15, had coffee and breakfast, and was upstairs at 6:30. It’s 7:00 now; I got sucked into an article about the National Lampoon (which I don’t care about) and testy emails with a service provider trying to bill me for something I cancelled a week ago. Which I do care about, but shouldn’t be caring about right now.

It’s a bit maddening, because I actually enjoy the stuff I should be working on. I like doing it! So it’s weird when I get pulled into… static. It shouldn’t be this hard to stay focused.

Morning distractions lead to evening stress.

Morning sets the pace for the day. That’s not a big genius revelation. But it’s something that’s helpful to remember. Mornings that I get up and get going and feel like I’ve accomplished something lead to great days. I like to leave the house feeling like I’ve already done stuff.

And I guess I’m short-selling the blog/podcast: I am doing stuff! But this is kind of doing stuff about doing stuff. I don’t know if it counts. I’m neurotic.

But I don’t want to feel rushed or stressed in the evening, which means getting stuff done in the morning is kind of my secret weapon.

I don’t know if I have a fix here. There’s a Chrome extension that blocks sites at certain times of day… maybe I should hook it up to keep things on lockdown until 7 a.m.?

Oh! And I haven’t gotten anywhere on the to-do-list/Gantt chart/whatever yet. Frankly, it kind of slipped my mind. But I should get back on top of that.