Day 192: Drinking Lots of Water

I’ve been doing really well with drinking lots of water. Aiming for 3.5 litres per day. A few notes on this…

  • About 90% of it is consumed at work, on work days. I have a desk job, and brought a jug in. Our building has a no-bottled-water policy, so you can’t buy bottled water here. There are refillable bottle stations everywhere, with an automatic shutoff at 1.5 litres. This makes things easy: put the jug under the dispenser, and when it shuts off, that’s a litre and a half. One of those before lunch, one of those after lunch.
  • Peeing is kind of…not a problem, really, but I’m getting up and down a lot. This isn’t the worst thing in the world. The only real problem is between me and the bathroom is a very chatty coworker who loves to call out from his office and, well, chat. I’m not really a “chat at work” guy. Sometimes, a bit. But mainly, I like to work at work. So there’s a cringing moment of “don’t notice me” as I make the traverse.
  • Without getting too indelicate, it’s messed with my poopin’ a bit. Nothing too radical, but there’s some mid-afternoon action going on that wasn’t really a thing before. I take this as a good thing.
  • Since my water drinking is mostly done during the workday, I usually taper off before dinner. So I’m not getting up more in the night or anything, which is good.

Like with most health-related things, the Internet is a useless pile of mommy blogs when it comes to drinking lots of water.

But if you search for things restricted to terms like “study,” you get slightly higher signal to noise. Nothing indicates that this is a bad idea.

Oh, and folks? Tap water is fine. Bottled water makes me a bit nuts. It’s wasteful, ecologically nightmarish, and a tremendous waste of money. Unless you live somewhere under a boil water advisory, just drink tap water and give all that cash to a good cause. Please.