Day 193: Retroactive Food Logging

Retroactive food logging is never as bad as I think it’s gonna be.

Here’s the sequence: I do the podcast, and I get distracted by stuff, and I just sort of post it. I get in that flow. Then I turn my computer off, get up, and THEN I realize I forgot to pre-log food. But turning my computer on is a Thing. And I don’t like Things. So I decide to catch up when I get to work.

That’s a fool’s errand.

So I’ll vaguely intend to catch up at work, on a break or lunch, but that never happens. By the time I get home, I’ve forgotten. Retroactive food logging has to happen in the evening or the next morning.

By that time, I’ve built up a resistance to doing it.

Retroactive food logging is almost always shame logging.

I use not-logging as an excuse to snack, y’see; so I’ll feel a bit off the chain and eat things I probably shouldn’t, then I don’t want to log them.

But when I do — I just did — it’s not that bad.

I ran 10km yesterday morning, for God’s sake. I’m doing well. It would take a lot of snacking to blow that calorie deficit.

Really, the key is to predict-log when I do the blog/podcast. But I’m going to slip up on that from time to time, and I need to be more mature about retro-logging when that happens.