Day 195: Couples Running

I’ve been enjoying couples running, on Saturday mornings, with my wife lately.

We don’t run together often, because I started at the kind of 10k range when she was doing couch to 5k, and I’m now training up to a half-marathon as she’s training up to 10k. But Saturdays are a rest day for me, and a “recovery run” day for her, so its an opportunity for us to do a light run together.

It’s nice! I enjoy it. Plus, it’s a motivator to get some exercise first thing on Saturday, which makes the radio show much better (being awake and alert on the radio is helpful! Who knew?).

Couples running is also talking time.

First rule I learned: there is no music during couples running. We are not putting on the Van Halen and putting the foot-pedal to the street-metal. It’s a light, chatty run. Which is, again, nice. It’s a different mode than my usual runs, which is also a good thing. Mixing it up is a good idea.

Second rule: we’re not running for time or distance. We’re running to a clock, but not to set or beat any kind of records. It’s a faster version of “out for a stroll.”

Third rule: nobody owns the route. We’ve been trading off, but I think we might start free-forming soon.