Day 198: Steady On

Things are about to get real with the half-marathon training. 5k tomorrow, then 12 on Thursday; repeat Saturday-Sunday. Next week we start getting into 18k; running will be steady on until then.

I’m kind of excited; I also kind of stupidly set my fake “race” to August 22, so I might have to just move that up to Sunday, August 20 and not tell the app. I still have no idea what I’m going to do for the run itself. Just get a car for the morning and run in one direction for three hours, then have my wife come and get me? I dunno.

So the arthritis diagnosis plus the more serious running ahead is definitely a good impetus to lose weight. And I’m feeling positive about it. Behind goal a bit right now, but that’s okay; it’s going to be a good week.

Steady on til run time.

I’m rowing on rest days, which is probably fine? Opinions seem to be mixed. Not sure if I should be exercising on rest days, but I enjoy it, and the rowing is definitely good full-body.

Strength training eludes me. I just… don’t want to do it. That’s kind of the obstacle. My complete unwillingness to do strength training. I know I should. Meh.

A friend of mine has been seriously talking up TRX, which sounds, frankly, really friggin’ cool. But I’m having a hard time seeing whether this is “I can get into this” excited, or “if I spend money I’ll do something” fallacy.

So time to get to strength training. I gotta do it.

Productivity update: I might check out a new podcast featuring Ursula K Vernon, in which she’s exploring productivity options with her husband. I know Ursula from my brief time in comics, when I was doing The License for Graphic Smash while she was doing Digger. I’ll keep you posted.