Day 200: 14 kilometres!

Whoo! Scheduled for a 12k today, felt daffy, and ran 14 kilometres instead. And I feel… good. 2/3 of the half-mara. Could I have done the whole half-marathon today? Maybe! But I have to get to work.

So I might be brutally tired later today, but frankly, I don’t feel much difference between a 12k run and a 14k run. After a while you’re just kind of “still moving” and it doesn’t seem to bug me as much.

I do have a crystal clear memory of the last 2-3 k of the only half-marathon I’ve ever run just being brutal, though, so this isn’t overconfidence.  I’m just happy to have done it.

I did a bad job of food logging/tracking yesterday, so job one once I’m done this is to backtrack and retro-log my day — all of it, the good and the bad — to stay honest. I’d be lying if I said today’s super-run wasn’t partly fuelled by guilt.

The early arthritis diagnosis for my knee isn’t stressing me as much as maybe it should, but early Internet searcheries show it as not being the end of the world. Maybe this is confirmation bias. I dunno.

Short entry today — the problem with longer runs is definitely going to be time management.

14 kilometres! Woot!

Oh, and yeah, I know. 200. Big deal. I have a real thing about anniversaries, though:









Those are milestones. Anything else is fishing for compliments. IMO.