Day 201: Cycling good things

So for a while, I’ve been feeling like I’m doing well, but kind of cycling good things through different kinds of “doing well.” Food logging, exercise have been decent recently, but the checklists have been lacking. Periods of side hustle development have been going well, but night checklists and sleep suffer a bit.

I’m not distressed by this; I am coming to recognize, though, that I can’t be 100% the best person, 100% of the time. I mean, I literally don’t have time to be that person. So there’s a kind of rotation of diligence here. I feel like I’m managing fairly well, and keeping the teeter-totter from teeting or totting too hard.

Cycling good things is my current, well thing.

I’m in a good place, or I’m convincing myself I’m in a good place. But I can definitely see some hard choices coming in terms of time management. I’ve been taking on a lot in volunteer areas, which is good for the soul and good to build a local network, but I need to tap some new things for myself, and that means tapping out of some current commitments.