Day 202: Weekends and Water

It’s come up before, but keeping up with the water drinking is a challenge on weekends. I’ve actually done something that’s, well, probably super obvious. But it seems clever to me, because weekends and water are hard.

I’ve got two four-cup measuring cups; the big glass ones. And I just keep filling one to the 1000-mL mark and using it to pour water. Once it’s empty, I log the litre and then refill it.

Man, now that I’m writing it down, it seems stupid. But it was like a “hey, wait a minute” moment for me, when I’ve been just kind of guessing how much water I’ve been drinking from pint glasses (hint: not a pint).

Weekends and water are tough, because I have no routine on weekends.

Weekends bust my routine wide open, so it’s hard to just sit there and plug away at a pitcher of water like I can at work. So it’s double important for me to find ways to make and track consistent water drinking.

I’m surprised at how quickly this has become a Big Thing for me, but it’s really become pretty core. The funny thing is I still do not like water. It’s just so damn dull.

But it’s helping, I think. The drinking cravings, which were periodic but present, seem to really be slipping away with the water drinking. I still get “snacky” but it doesn’t seem as acute.

Is it wasteful? I dunno. I sometimes feel like I’m being very first-world with all the water drinking. But then I remember that I’m mostly vegan, don’t own a car, pay my taxes without complaint and generally try to be decent. If drinking a lot of water is the sum of my sins, I’m still doing okay.

Plus hand-wavey stuff about investing in good health and reducing systemic burdens and waste associated with healthcare.