Day 204: Raining!

It is pouring outside today. Slight bullet dodge in that it’s not a running day — 12k yesterday, and just rowing indoors today. But it bolloxes my plans to get the weeding done outside with my day off.

So it’s back to the side hustle; setting all that up. It’s turning out to be a chunk of work. That’s not a complaint; it’s a good exercise to get my HTML/CSS warmed up again. And good to know workflow for when it gets going.

While I’d rather it weren’t raining, I’m kinda glad it is. The indoors-work is necessary and welcome.

And who am I kidding? I’m’a play a pile of video games, too.

After some soul-searching over the weekend, I’m definitely wrapping the video game show after the summer… it’s fun, but not core to my skills or my goals.

And I’m (again) back on daily food logging after another weekend of being floppy about it. As mentioned a few days ago, I think I’m in a period of “cycling through” good habits — I’m getting lots done, butĀ allĀ the things are too many things.