Day 205: Weekend food struggles

I worry that, over time, this will become a long litany of me not doing things. And saying “I should do these things.” And then not doing them. Repeat forever. After a few days of weekend food struggles, I’m back on logging.

Coming out of another weekend of not logging food, and kind of having a hard time accounting for why I’m not doing it. I can do it: I have the technology and the skills. I just get kind of distracted in the morning, bang this out, and then want to get to the next thing.

And then I use the not-logging as permission for not flagrantly bad, but not-great food habits.

I know I’m cycling good habits, but I should probably be a bit more diligent about choosing which good habits to cycle — prioritize food logging, maybe even above and beyond exercise.

Or maybe this is normal and natural. I need to keep coming back to “I should do this,” and not doing it, and doing it for a while, and just continue that cycle until it clicks. Like quitting smoking.

Anyway: weekend food struggles are a thing for me.

This is nothing new. And again, I’m afraid of becoming a broken record, two-hundred-odd days in. But the daily writing/talking is part of the accountability, and maybe that’s what will make this stick.

Not knowing what’s coming up is definitely the biggest issue. That, combined with the fiddliness of the logging. It’s neither fun nor convenient.

But here I am again after another long weekend, not having logged food and feeling not-great about it. I think I kind of just dip into denial for a few days here and there.

Shake it off (thanks, T-Swiffy), get up, try again. Rinse and repeat until I have… washed… my lifestyle? I don’t know what the follow-up to “rinse and repeat” is. Keep on doing it, is the point.