Day 206: Bored With Myself

Hm. Okay. I didn’t expect this to be a thing when I started this.

I’ve been kind of bad about things for the past while, juggling some responsibilities. And I’m pretty okay with that.

But now I feel like I need to start making strides because I’m running out of stuff to say here.

I’ve got a lot of motivations for improvement. I need to lose weight for arthritis reasons, now, among other things. I don’t think I’ve really internalized that quite yet.

And there are literally hundreds of other good reasons to be, well, good.

But I’m getting bored with myself, which is kind of a powerful motivation. One I didn’t see coming.

So I don’t feel bad. I’ve got a lot going on, things are getting shifted around to accommodate. That’s fine. I’m okay with me and my progress.

But if I don’t start making progress in the areas that this whole thing is about — sobriety, diet, exercise, sleep — then I’m just going to wind up saying the same things, over and over, forever.

That’s not good.

Bored is bad, for me especially.

I get stupid when I get bored. So keeping my interest levels up is very important.

I’ve messed around with, and abandoned, the idea of “challenges” a few times. I just don’t stick to them. But I think that might have been an early expression of boredom.

And I don’t think gamifying these goals works as well as actually striving to attain them. If I don’t do something to make progress today, I’ll be back in the chair tomorrow, talking about how I need to make progress. Boring.

So I might actually be boring myself into better health, which is a new one.

Boring myself into better health. Again, it’s a new approach. Might be hard to turn into a paperback. But if it works… here’s to boredom.