Day 210: 18k run

It’s all relative, right? I mean, I got back from an 18k run about 30 minutes ago — the furthest I’ve run in five years, and clocking under 6 min/km average. And I’m already mentally onto “well, my brother-in-law runs marathons, so this is no big.”

Be happy, brain! Just live in the space of this success for a few minutes! Jeez.

So I do feel good. I stink. I mean, not like ‘sweaty’ stink — I’m actually pretty dry, all things considered. But I’ve got some sort of deep stink coming off me right now. Apparently I’m burning protein as fuel.

It all went more or less as expected. Well, 50% expected. I was either going to completely fall apart and have to call a cab, or just kind of get into a “so we’re doing this now” groove out there. Thankfully, it was the latter. After 10k, I was just kinda… running, and after running 9k straight out, had no options but to run 9k straight back.

And I feel… fine. A bit sleepy. Not like crazy leg tired. Which is good; I’ll be out of the shower by 9:45 or so. Have some breakfast. I’ve got a day of yardwork ahead of me, so lots of podcasts and new music to listen to.

 18k is a reason to celebrate!

Maybe I’m not celebrating because I’m just plumb tuckered out. But it’s definitely… something. Feels good to be on top of it. It’s not a pass for the rest of the day, though… just a long run, and about 2000 calories burned under my belt. Them gardens ain’t’a tend to themselves.

Also: my Plex server seems to have crashed; I can access it remotely through PuTTy, so the computer is working but it seems like the server is dead? Weird. Technology’s double-edged sword is edging hard today.