Day 211: Day Off

Still basking in the quiet glory of my 18k yesterday, and taking my first proper rest day from exercise in quite a while. The day off isn’t total loafing: I have this to do, and the video game show, and a lunch meeting about 3k away which I’ll be walking or biking to.

If you want to avoid a totally sedentary lifestyle, ditch the car.

I’m actually feeling better today than yesterday about the run. And I’m feeling fine. Sore feet, but my knees are okay. Which is a huge relief.

I didn’t even do that bad with food; too many cookies in the evening, but hey, I ran 18k.

So this is a bit of a kick in the pants (positive) in terms of getting things in gear. Also, Stitcher Premium is turning out to be an investment in my running: Eugene Mirman on the 9k out, and John Mulaney on the 9k back, made the time… not fly by, but it went. And it’s kind of hard to run uphill while laughing. Bonus discovery: Mulaney’s sober! Like Dan St. Germain, a really nice discovery out of the blue.

My day off is kinda a work day.

Podcasts are the morning, and probably a bit of yardwork. A work lunch. This afternoon, more setup work on the side hustle thing, which is turning into more work for a side hustle than I expected.

So it’s going to be a gentle work day; starting with this podcast, then moving into a lot of stuff putting music into files. Which is a fairly cool way to spend a morning. Then it’s off to the races for a work meeting, lunch, and other… stuff.

And that’s it for vacations for the year. Well, two days in mid-August. It’s been a less than great year, vacation-wise. The experiment’s been worthy, but I definitely prefer blocks of time away to staycation/long weekends.