Day 212: New month!

I like a new month. Starting this one with a bit of a summer cold, so taking it a bit easy, but the fresh starts are good. Still pretty pleased with the 18k on Sunday; due for another this Sunday. I’m starting to understand the rhythm of the half-marathon training.

Not really feelin’ it today, though. Again, summer colds are the worst. So I’m back to running tomorrow, but today is a day off; hopefully a hot shower and some goals for the day will help me feel like I’m more on track.

A new month means new starts. How can I make the most of this month’s new start? I’m wondering if I should start trying to beat records each month for staying on track. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So despite feeling under the weather, time to dig a bit deeper and start the new month right. I am seriously behind in weight loss, so I might take a fast day to right that ship. Tomorrow’s a light run, so no issues there.

New month, no new rules.

Again, I think the key here might be like quitting smoking. Just take runs at it until I get it right. I know I’m bored with failure, so it’s time to see what success looks like.