Day 213: Back in the Groove

Oh, sleep. It’s a moving target, but it’s been reasonably good recently. Last night, though… awake at 3 a.m. due to a dream. The whaling voyage had been successful but we were at sea with nowhere to dock, and didn’t know if we could store our whale in Newfoundland!

So that got me up; spent a bit of time reading Meddling Kids, which is a fun book, back to bed at four, but that activated the cat. So I was up-up at 4:30; went for a run, did the laundry.

I’m in a “knuckle down” period right now; lots going on, and I feel like I just need to punch through a few things. In a good way. Turn this early start into a couple of early wins: update the Tiniest Gallery for August, fire off a few emails for the Canoe Club.

If I can’t get sleep, I might as well get productive. It’s paradoxically harder to get focused when I’m tired, so that’s always the tension… more time to do things, but less mental focus to work with.

Which brings us back to the whole organization piece — while there was intent to start using Sublime Text and the PlainTasks plugin to set up per-project task lists, that fell by the wayside pretty quickly. Again, it might just be a matter of running at it until it happens.

So the short list for this morning is:

  • Podcast
  • Figure out what I’m making for dinner
  • Food planning for the day
  • Tiniest Gallery
  • Shower/lunch prep
  • Off to work!

Manageable, but I gotta get to it. Tally ho!