Day 214: Sleep and Problem Cats

Yesterday’s pre-work galvanization worked out pretty well; I got a lot done and had a pretty good day. Kind of a flame-out in the evening, but semi-intentional relaxing is not a bad thing. Sleep and problem cats are a bad thing.

It’s a “stay the course” kind of week, with a dash of “get back on track, but no pressure.” While I’m not hitting weight loss goals the way I’d like, staying booze-free and on my exercise program are two big wins, and sleep is my biggest problem right now.

Heat and humidity are not good for my sleep. And apparently not good for the cat, either, so I’m having to really re-think how I deal with 3:30-4 a.m. wake-ups, which are becoming more frequent.

A friend of mine had a good idea involving a shop-vac, an extension cord, and the bedroom door — leave the shop-vac outside the closed door but turned on, and the extension cord via a power bar which is next to the bed. If the cat starts scratching/yowling at the door, hit the power bar, turn on the Shop-Vac, scare the cat, and repeat until the cat learns not to complain at the door any more.

It makes a lot of sense and does no direct harm, but I also feel bad thinking about it. The little chubby dimwit just wants cuddles and has food security issues. I think she had a very bad life before we adopted her, so my default mode is pretty sympathetic.

On the other hand, if I straight up die from lack of sleep, that will be bad for everybody.

So a compromise must be found.

I’m not thrilled with the slow movement on weight loss, but I think my focus for the next few days just has to be pure sleep. I’ll be looking into Problem Cats and How To Cope online during breaks today for sure.