Day 215: Operation Don’t Get Up

It’s a simple plan, and we’ll see if it works: I call it Operation Don’t Get Up.

I’ve done some reading on cats and habits over the last day, and a lot of the ideas around cats that wake you up early don’t really apply to me, or to our cat. It’s not hunger — there’s food in the bowl. It might be boredom, but the behaviour was the same when there were other cats in the house as well. And a lot of the other ideas around stopping it seem… mean.

So I’m starting with the simplest possible strategy: don’t get up. My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. I have a tendency to say “screw it” and get up at 4:30 or 4:40 or whatnot.

I’m not going to.

If I have to get up to pee, fine, but then it’s back to bed. And even if I’m lying there awake for 45 minutes, I’m just not gonna get up.

Maybe this will be how I learn to meditate.

Operation Don’t Get Up started this morning.

It made the cat bonkers but it was a … I don’t know if it was a success, but I certainly stayed in bed.

Will it be the winning formula over time? Will I go crazy before the cat does? Hard to say. But it’s a start.