Day 218: Running Up the Runs

I’m getting curious now about how much I could run. Especially with a wonky knee. The knee’s been fine with the long runs (more or less). I enjoy the long runs. I’m curious about running up the runs.

So is there such a thing as too much running? The idea of a half-mara every Sunday is kind of appealing, and there’s a lot of sidewalk on some of my routes. Ice might not be a huge problem.

One piece of wisdom I’ve picked up is you shouldn’t have more than half your kilometres in one run. So if I’m running, say, 20 km on Sundays, I should have more than 20 km in aggregate over the rest of the week. I expect it’s a strain thing.

Working back, then, I’d have to be doing a couple of sixes and a 10 during the week. Then the 20 on Sundays. This is pretty much what I’m doing now, so I think that’s manageable.

Running up the runs in the winter will be tougher.

Darkness is an issue for half the year, but again, good public streets and decent light on some routes.

I don’t know — I think I could get behind this. Maybe I’m a running guy now.

My wife and I have been talking treadmill — like, serious treadmill — for the winter, too. There’s something to be said for that. So we’d move the rower to another room… I think I could make my office work, with some furniture rejigging — and the treadmill would live in the lounge.

At any rate, we’re getting deeper into running. It’s kind of exciting, to be honest. I’m looking forward to running with my wife, which will be happening soon enough… she’s almost at regular 10ks, at which point our schedules will sync.

Operation Don’t Get Up is still going… well? It’s an interesting row to hoe. Still a lot of playing dead, but the cat seems to be holding steady. Not getting worse, anyway… that’s something.