Day 219: Short Week

It’s a short week at work — holiday Monday, followed by vacation on Thursday and Friday. Short week planning is a bit rough; there might be some late nights at work. Or early mornings. It really depends.

I like getting things done, is the thing… one reason to burn through vacation time in the summer. It’s not great to think of vacation time as something you gotta get through. But that’s where it’s at. I kind of like my job, and I like doing it well. But it’s been systemized as something that needs full-time attention, not part-time.

So a short week can be rough for planning. And when I feel hectic, I start slipping up in other areas. I haven’t been great about weighing and food tracking for the last week… doing well in other areas, though. But I’m in for a couple of stressful days, as I try to pack a five-day workweek into two days. Now is the time to set my mind to success personally if things get squirrelly professionally.

I got up early and got some rowing in, then made dinner for tonight and tomorrow, so that’s accounted for.

Food’s on lock. Exercise is more or less accounted for. I have my plan for the week. It’s just a matter of making sure I don’t make stupid stress eating decisions.

Short week planning is anticipation.

I want to set my mind now, so I can not run into problems down the line. The last thing I want is a mini-spiral inspired by short-term stress. That’s no good.

So setting myself up for success now means meal planning through Wednesday.

Tomorrow, I’ll be putting my mind to good self-management for the weekend out of town. But today’s about getting my head right for 48 big hours of work.