Day 221: Road Trip

Hitting the road in an hour for two days away, and feeling good about getting away. The summer cold seems to have surged, and now I’m stuffed up and feeling less than ambitious.

The goals are the same, though: let’s eat smart, and get some exercise in, while away. The easy lifestyle thing about the vacation is that I’m the sober partner, so the designated driver decisions are easy and argument-free.

I’m actually looking forward to the drive… a long haul to our destination, but podcasts and music and stuff. The challenge is going to be staying good with food, etc.

Packing for exercise is a pain in the ass, as there’s a lot of extra clothes, shoes, and so on. But It’s gotta be done! And I’m looking forward to exploring new places on foot.

This cold, though — ugh. Not much in the tank right now. I’m going to grab a shower, go pick up the car, and hopefully power into a good few days away.