Day 222: Sick on the Road

A very short update today, from the AirBnB room we’re staying in, and through the haze of a monster head cold.

Travelling while sick is rough. Thankfully, my wife had the great idea of asking the rental car company about secondary drivers again, and it turns out that spouses are okay, so she took the lion’s share of the driving to where we’re at. That, some Tylenol Sinus, and a good night’s sleep and I’m feeling about 50%.

A bit of not-great snacking yesterday, but doing basically okay for food. No exercise this morning by design; tomorrow will be a short run and Sunday I will either tackle another 18k or the whole half-mara, depending.

Today is all about focusing on having fun while out of town, and not getting dragged into home concerns — it’s a mini-vacation, but the only vacation I’m gonna have for a while. So getting my head out of home and into where I’m at is key.

While still not being stupid about food, etc. That’s hard to do when I’m feeling under the weather, as food = comfort, and sick = uncomfortable.