Day 224: Half-Marathon Ho!

Half-marathon complete! Well, sort of. I can’t say I ran a half-marathon today, but I can say I completed a half-marathon. The last 3 km kind of run-walking.


  • No prep run leading up to it.
  • Didn’t hydrate well yesterday.
  • Started too late in the morning.

So I’m tired and sore. The not hydrating well thing was BRUTAL. I had a raging thirst for the last 1/3. When I got home, I touched my head and wondered why it felt gritty, and it was salt. Just salt. I don’t know if I’d sweated at some point and it had dried, or if I was exuding salt or what.

And I started late — 8:30 — so it was close to 11 when I got home. Way too late. The sun had risen, it was getting hot, and there was more traffic — both cars and cyclists — than I was really comfortable with.

But I did it! Kind of. I feel triumphant but mostly just tired.