Day 225: Sunstroke

SunĀ touched, at least. Definitely ran too late yesterday, and got too much sun. A few hours after getting back, the headache kicked in, then the general logeyness. I don’t think it was actual sunstroke, just heat exhaustion, but yesterday turned into a whole bag of No Fun for the afternoon.

So plenty of fluids later, and I’m feeling a bit better — gotta go to work, return the car from the weekend trip, etc. But a definite mindful call to start those runs early and before the sun gets up.

That, coupled with my wife having a late night out last night, meant a bad night sleepwise. So no exercise today, and a board meeting for the canoe club tonight. Full day.

A good day to re-kick-off food logging, etc. Ugh. Still feeling logey. Or maybe tomorrow, when I’m feeling a bit less spun out by sunshine.