Day 228: Operation Don’t Get Update

I got a little happy yesterday, and last night I think I got hubrised. Hard time getting to sleep… both my wife and I… for reasons unknown. Seriously, we were both just lying in bed for an hour not sleeping and not really knowing what the deal was.

This morning: awake at 4:15. No reason, just¬†awake. So my stirrings got the cat going. I stuck to my guns — just laid there forever — but started wondering if I really was scapegoating the cat (scapecat?). Maybe¬†the awake person was inside the house the whole time.

So a rough night for sleep, really through no fault of my own. But I did weight and food yesterday, which is good get-back-on-the-stick behaviour; I’ll be keeping that up today.

There’s not really a to-do with the sleep, here — I got to bed in plenty of time, had my little before-bed cool-down, wasn’t doing jumping jacks or playing video games right up til the 11th hour, etc. Just a weird night for sleep. I’m’a chalk it up to “one of those things” and hopefully tonight will be better.