Day 230: Getting Less Comfortable with Alcohol

Full disclosure: I had a real powerful temptation moment last weekend. To the point that I was midway through rationalizing things with my wife, then pulled back at the last minute. It was a “but a sample glass isn’t a real drink” thing.

Good news: I pulled back. But it’s still the kind of slippery slope thing where I could see where it leads. While I’ve never had a major problem with alcohol, I’m coming from a place where I wasn’t comfortable with my intake. And I don’t want to get back there.

So I’m going to be resetting by “booze coziness” meter. I’ve been hanging out a lot with my wife at beer events, sipping some of her samples from time to time (out and at home), etc. I think I need to walk back from that, as I’m getting a little too comfortable.

It’s (again) weird to be coming at this from a place where sobriety is a decision and not a necessity; other people struggle much more with this. I’m privileged to be able to explore this comfort zone.

But it’s not a good zone for me to be in, ultimately. Time to take a big step back (again) from booze and recalibrate.