Day 233: Fasting

So I’ve been only been doing… okay… with food control, and I’ve recently been considering trying something different to switch things up.

Fasting diets were super trendy back around 2012 or so; I’ve poked around the idea, a year or so ago. I kind of like the aesthetics of it. Restrictions are interesting to me. I even tried it a year or so ago, with middling results.

I even followed up with a number of posters on MetaFilter who had chimed in as adherents to a fasting diet, five years after they’d posted. None had stuck to it long-term. Nobody had anything especially negative to say about it.

This seems to bear out the research, which shows that it’s hard to stick to. 

But I am, motiviationally, in a bit of a slump foodwise. It’s easy to sway me into breaking good habits. I’m a bit bored with it all. Fasting is a shake-up.

So I think I might set up a controlled failure experiment with the 5:2 thing. Fast on Mondays and Thursdays (Tuesday-Thursday this week), for… let’s call it a month. Long enough to have an impact, but not a lifelong commitment, and hopefully something that will kind of shock me out of complacency.

I think the idea might be to say “hey, this isn’t fun! Just controlling what I eat but eating normally is much better.” And re-excite myself about regular eating again.

That’s the idea, anyway.

My wife is getting into a 10-day booze-free healthy regime to round out the month, so it seems like The Spirit of New Things is alive in the house right now. I know it’s not a silver bullet (what is?), but it feels like a way to shake myself out of a complacency and get thinking about food differently for a while.