Day 235: I Really Like Kesha’s “Rainbow”

I was going to say I’m not normally a fan of commercial pop, but who am I kidding? I’m not an angry teen/twentysomething any more. I’m fine with commercial pop. And over time, I’ve come to accept that popularity in a genre is actually kind of a meritocracy. Do I think industrial dance should have been more popular than it was? Sure. But within the category of industrial dance, do I think Meat Beat Manifesto is better than most unsigned, unnoticed industrial dance bands? Also sure.

All that to say that I don’t know if I readily identify as somebody who is into commercial pop, but I sure like good commercial pop when I hear it.

And 2017 will have a high bar to clear if it wants to beat Kesha’s “Rainbow” as an all-killer no-filler wall to wall great pop album.

How does that relate to this? Well, I was having a lousy row this morning until I stopped listening to a stand-up comedy album and started listening to “Rainbow” instead. So it’s good in that straight motivation way.

More importantly, though — I don’t get inspired by people that often. I’ve discussed this with my wife. Hero worship just isn’t in my DNA. But my God, to record an album like this after the decade of shit that she has gone through. Her fans are delighted. I’m delighted. And it’s all very inspiring. I think I would have cracked ages ago.

So. Kesha’s Rainbow is not only a great album, it’s a great album about getting through trauma and obstacles I’m lucky I’ve never had to even imagine.

It’s tremendously inspiring.

This is the era of Milkshake Duck, so I’m kind of half-waiting for it to be revealed that she’s also a KKK member or drowns orphans for sport or something. I hope not. It’d be nice to have a straight up admirable figure out there for a while.

Album of the year, so far. For musical reasons, and personal ones.