Day 239: Rest Days

It’s a bit harder to get going on no-exercise days. Since I’ve started making Sundays my long runs, Monday has been my no-exercise break day, but it’s just a bit weird. I’ve come to kind of count on exercise as a grounding part of my morning. So I can fantasize about getting up and getting to it, without exercise to break up a morning. But I actually just kind of wind up dazedly puttering around.

Operation Don’t Get Up was put to the test again by fire trucks at 3:45. I’m finding lying in bed semi-awake to be kind of helpful, but also kind of annoying.

In aggregate, it makes for a kind of stupefied morning… feeling a bit unproductive and stunned. Which obviously isn’t ideal. So I’m going to wrap this up, grab a shower, and see if that invigorates the ol’ brain.

It’s also a fasting day today! Last Thursday was super hard and made me grouchy, but I think that was because of the Tuesday-Thursday pairing. I ate well yesterday, so I should be fine today. With two days of regular eating in between hopefully Thursday will be okay too.