Day 240: Fast Day Freakout

Yesterday’s fast day went well except for the very end. Fasting works great for me — it’s really not that hard during the day– but while the official plan allows you to eat up to 500 (or 800) calories, I find if I eat anything I flip out.

So last night’s banana-and-peanut-butter-before-bed turned into a bit of a rampage. Not like a whole day’s worth of food rampage, but enough that I don’t feel like I really did the fast thing as I should.

Thursday, as embarrassing as this sounds, I might ask my wife to supervise my evening snack. She’s invested in my success, so why not? Enlist the help available.

Oh, and some good news from yesterday — remember a while back, the conference being organized and all the resulting stress? Turns out it made a profit — not a personal profit for the organizers, but enough that we might be able to create an endowed fund for the university to support technology. Which is pretty amazing. So while the conference and it going off 100% hitch-free was a good thing, this is kind of a bonus gift. And a surprise out of nowhere, which is really nice.

Not quite September yet, which means if I can get this fasting thing right starting now, I’ve got a month to tool around with it as an experiment, and extend that experiment later if I like it.

…I got distracted there for a minute. I don’t talk about other projects on this blog much, but my weekly radio show/podcast I do with my wife is themed. This week is “fictional languages,” and I just found a guy who raps Eminem songs in Klingon.  Which you have to admit is pretty distracting.

Anyway. I just spent 20 minutes down a Klingon music rabbit hole. Time to record and get this posted! The Internet: is there anything it can’t do?