Day 243: Sleep In, No Exercise

Today I did not get up. And I did not exercise.

This is abnormal: usually I manage to drag myself out of bed at 5 and get 30 minutes of something in, running or rowing, high-energy or low. But today: I did not get up. I slept in for an hour, and now I’m trying to keep on top of other minor things.

So I’m not exercising today.

It feels weird. And there’s a lurching anxiety: if I give myself permission to not exercise today, what happens tomorrow? Is this a one-off or the beginning of a terrible spiral?

I also discovered this morning that Sigur Ros has a public FTP site where you can download tons of concert recordings, so that’s going to be where some of my time goes today.

Definitely need to commit to getting 12,000 steps in today, which is more a question of time management than exercise. Leave a bit early, walk to work, take a stroll at lunch, etc. Tonight is getting ready for tomorrow’s radio show, and editing for the next Virtualosos. I’ve set pretty high bars for both, so I’m looking forward to them both, but they’re a lot of work to maintain.

I’m going to treat this as a one-off and not freak out about it. It’s a pretty busy time. I’m tired and was up for a while in the night (but I did not get up, just spent some time thinking in bed).

If I don’t exercise again at some point in the next calendar week, I’ll start Taking Steps. For right now, it’s just a quibble.