Day 244: Operation Don’t Get Time

A wrinkle in Operation Don’t Get Up: one of my bolt-upright moments at 3:30 this morning. But — lying there — I thought maybe I shouldn’t look at the time.

I’m not sure if there’s a point to that. I mean, I’m not sure how it’s helpful to not check the time. But it feels like it might be?

The rationale is that it might be harder to relax if I’m worried about relaxing.

And knowing what time it is gets me thinking about being up instead of thinking about being asleep.

Hence: don’t look at my watch.

There’s a clock-radio in the room, though, and I’m just thinking that I shouldn’t check my watch. Not cover my face vampire-style and lurch out of the room if I have to go pee.

Then again… do I need the clock-radio? The watch is an LED. I don’t normally look at the clock radio.

So maybe this is the next evolution of Operation Don’t Get Up: Operation Don’t Look At The Time And Start Obsessing Over What Time It Is And Then Just Thinking About The Time And How I Should Be Asleep But Instead Just Don’t Look At My Watch And Focus On Sleep Instead.

That’s a long Operation, but I think I can see the logic of it.