Day 245: Rainy Sunday

I don’t run in the rain. I mean, I don’t mind if it sprinkles a bit when I run, but I will not set out in the pouring rain. Won’t happen. That’s all.

So while Sundays are usually my long run, today I’m breaking up a 10-15k row into chunks throughout the day. My back can’t quite take a 10k, all at once, so it’s about just pacing it out a bit.

It’s going to be weird breaking up exercise through the day. Not something I normally do. But we have no special plans, so I’ll look at it as a chance to take half-hour breaks to listen to some comedy and get some exercise in.

We may be leaning on a Car Friend to do a Costco run today; other than that, we have no big plans for the day! Probably a good idea to sit down and map out a combination of fun stuff and also getting some productive things done.

So: a little focus on having a good day of mixed stuff. Mentally preparing for my GREATEST CHALLENGE EVER, which is a fast day tomorrow while at home for the labour day holiday. Hm.