Day 246: Holiday / Fast Day

Today is both a holiday and a fast day, which is going to take a bit of extra diligence. The strategy is essentially “stay busy”. I’m going to jam up my day with stuff to do, both in and out of the house.

The radio station is going through an interesting time… strong core, but staff turnover has been frequent lately. So there’s no full-time station or program manager at the moment. I’ll be dropping by for a couple of hours for some spring cleaning work, and also thinking a bit about station governance.

Other goals for today: an hour of weeding outside. Start to learn Kontakt to keep beefing up my music-making skills. Drink a ton of water.

There’s also some work-work stuff that needs doing; not huge things, but some housekeeping and maintenance of a particular project.

I think I’ve got plenty to keep me hopping — it’s a break day from exercise, but there’ll be a lot of walking around and stuff as well. So as long as I can stay distracted and not hanging around the house feeling snacky, I’ll be all right…