Day 248: Doing Good, Looking Bad

This is not the first time I’ve lost weight. I did this dance back in the early 2000s, faster and more successfully. I was younger then! And had a much simpler life. And the whole foot-break thing was what threw me off for a few years.

At any rate. I’ve lost weight before. And this bit is the worst.

I’ve lost about 10 pounds (up and down), which is not nearly as much as I’d hoped by now, but it’s still an achievement. And I’m hitting the point where I’m doing better, but looking worse.

I can’t explain it. It’s like 10-pounds-heavier me was heavier but more tightly packed. I could see the shadow of a six-pack. I didn’t really have man-boobs.

But now that I’ve lost a few pounds, everything’s looking kind of bloaty and saggy.

And, coincidentally or not, running has been real hard this week. 10k this morning, but every step was just kind of annoying. The whole run felt like I had energy locked in me somewhere but out of reach.

I have a vague memory of all of this before — it’s some sort of weird interim phase. It’s like the medium point when you’re growing your hair out. There’s like this shoulder-length bob that you get for about three-four months.

Those are memories from much longer ago, by the way. If I grew my hair out now I’d look like Limekiller from Bloom County. Now that’s digging in the crates.