Day 250: Milestones, Successful Fast, No Sleep

Whahey! 250! This is a milestone. Remember, folks:

1, 5, 10, 25, 100, 250, 500, 1000. Anything else is kind of a reach.

Successful fasting day yesterday (complete with planned evening snack). My wife hung out while I snacked to curb any impulse I’d have to go bananas after eating a banana.

Feels good! Not hungry at all this morning, and feeling kind of lean.

Another not-good sleep night last night; one of the offshoots of the Many Things happening at work is that there’s a pending conflict. It’s, like, “call me back so we can argue about this” right now. And I’m waiting for the call back.

Which is not great; as mentioned yesterday, I am not a machine built for conflict. I overthink and agonize and lie awake.

So I tried the meditation thing, still no dice; tried the “organize my workflow” thing, not great. Eventually my wife got up to go to the bathroom and noticed I was awake. Her suggestion was “distract yourself” so I tried to remember that military alphabet sequence thing — Alpha Bravo Charlie — until I fell asleep. I get stuck at I. Igloo?

So I’m not thrilled about the sleep thing but I’m girding my loins to leap back into the fray. It’s going to be a super intense weekend, and then back to more or less normal, plus fallout from the weekend.

But it’s definitely chipping at me around the edges. I’m going for the sleeping pill tonight for sure.

Oh! And I banished Netflix from my devices on Day 100. Y’know what? I’m not putting it back on. I’m fine.