Day 252: A Cold as a Project

Colds used to be sober times for me. I know there are “whiskey and lemon” remedies out there, but a bad cold was a no-drinks zone. Sobriety has been good to me lately, without even much of a “nag” going on, but it’s still nice to be in a zone where it’s not even a remote consideration.

So “getting over a cold” as a project instead of a hindrance is interesting. I’m actively leaning into this. I don’t know quite exactly what this means except that I’m making it a top of mind factor rather than a “I’m struggling through a cold” scenario.

So I’m kind of resting aggressively and drinking water with intent today, in an assay to accelerate recovery. I’m especially susceptible to bronchitis, so dedicating a day to avoiding weeks of bad coughs is a worthwhile investment.

Water: check. NyQuil: check. Plenty of sleep: you got it. I’m geared up for a full-on War On Virus, and I intend to flush that thing out of my system with rest and hydration.

Again, I’m normally a “power through” person. This is uncharted territory for me. I’m going to see what I can do if I completely attack a cold instead of ignoring it.

Game on, virus! Let’s see what you got.