Day 254: Still Sick, Dammit

Okay, after four days of this stupid cold, I’m swinging back to the “power through” end of the spectrum. Clearly “total shutdown to work on it” doesn’t accelerate the process. So at least I’ve learned something.

What have I learned? I’m not sure.

I mean, if I could set myself up with alternate dimensions, I guess I’d be able to run this with control groups. But as it stands all I have is past experience with these kinds of colds to go from. And that arc is usually 1-2 days of feeling lousy, followed by 3-5 days with a cough and feeling semi-lousy.

Which is where I’m at now. But that’s with “total rest” as opposed to trying to operate.

So I don’t think total rest is really making things much better. In fact, I think the distraction of work might actually be more beneficial than lying aroundĀ feelingĀ sick.

Now… who can be sure? If I’d gone to work yesterday, maybe I’d be dead. Maybe this was the worst cold ever and I gave myself a chance by not succumbing to it entirely.

But I doubt it. It felt like an average bad cold.

So I think my lesson might be to just power through and get punchy on NyQuil at work; operate at half-capacity and see how that does me. Hopefully this will be the Big Cold of fall/winter 2017-18 and I won’t have to find out.

But — mental note — next time, just power through and see how that does me.